Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cat names

by now we all know mama cat ... she is a thin, long haired calico ... she has four kittens that she is raising in the freezer room ... (that i watch from the kitchen window) ...

the kittens sleep on a thick foam cushion ... they make a cat pile, in a cat bed and a big scrunched up blanket ... and mama cat now has her own space ... she found an open box in the shop that is about 5 ft off the ground and next to an east facing window ... probably pretty warm up there ... any way, that's now mama cats condo ...

i decided it was time to name the cats so that i could recount their future adventures ... so they are:

fur face - long haired brindle, black nose, white whiskers
camo - short haired brindle, black nose, white whiskers
the dark one - short haired black, black nose, white whiskers
milky - short haired black and white, pink nose, white whiskers

fur face loves to walk the window ledge and watch me in the kitchen ... she is always the first up in the window ... camo is usually just to her right (facing me) on the meat display case ... he just sits quietly watching fur face on the ledge and me in the window ... the dark one is usually the next over ... he sits in the yellow clothes basket watching attentively ... mama cat is usually in her condo ... and milky is down on the floor where the plate of food is about to be placed ... hahahah ... recently i've been giving them a cold chopped up hot dog, when they ask for something ... otherwise they've got crunchies to eat.

papa cat lives out in the small barn ... he's an orange tabby.