Monday, January 21, 2013

liqueur coffee (the next hot thing)

a year ago or so, i heard regis philbin say that he couldn't survive retirement without kahlua ... and a couple of months ago i heard al roker say that a real friend would have put a shot (of rum) in his coffee ... (see a proper host) ...
a proper host
breaking news ... the real deal is coffee, creamer, and disaronno amaretto ... oh, yeah ... (amaretto is also good over vanilla ice cream).

According to Wikipedia:

Liqueur coffee names
This is a list of names sometimes given to liqueur coffees. Some, such as Irish coffee, are widely used and more-or-less standard (there is actually an "official" recipe, but it is not enforced); others local and idiosyncratic. There are many variations in nomenclature: the same name may be used for different combinations:

Whisky Coffee, with whisky
Gaelic coffee, with whisky.

Highland Coffee or Cup o' Evening, with Scotch whisky
Irish Coffee, with Irish whiskey
Bailey's Coffee or Sultan Special Coffee, with Baileys Irish Cream
French Coffee, with Grand Marnier
Brandy Coffee, with brandy (any sort)
Parisienne Coffee, French coffee, or Cafe Royale, with grape brandy, such as cognac or armagnac
Café com cheirinho (scented coffee), Portugal
German Coffee, schnapps, such as Kirschwasser or Himbeergeist
Italian Classico, with Amaretto
Caffe Corretto, with Grappa and/or Sambuca
English Coffee, with gin
Calypso Coffee, Spanish coffee, or Jamaican coffee, with rum and Tia Maria or Kahlúa
Shin Shin Coffee, with rum
Australian Coffee, with Bundaberg rum
Monk's Coffee, with Bénédictine
Seville Coffee, with Cointreau
Witch's Coffee, Strega
Russian Coffee, or Karsk with Vodka
Corfu Coffee, Koum Quat with liquor
Skye Coffee, with Drambuie
The Real Foul One, with Absinthe
American, with Bourbon