Tuesday, January 22, 2013

blowing in the wind (written notes)

... wow ... crazy ... i just went to put crunchies in papa cat's food bowl ... and pressed against the nearby yard fence by a steady wind was a ragged photocopy of a hand written note, originally on notebook paper ... and this is what it says:

they can sexually molest little children, supermodels and elderly grandmothers.

The next logical step in the downward spiral of oppression is to arm these agents and use them to slap down TOTAL police state tyranny in America. At the first opportunity - probably after a gov't staged false flag attack involving a dirty bomb or a bioweapons release - these TSA goons will be set up on every major road and highway, using their new bullet proof roadway checkpoints and their .40 caliber hollow point ammo to put America into a complete Martial Law clamp down where everybody is considered a possible terrorist, and secret arrests (torture, interrogations, beatings, etc.) are commonplace.

Such a plan might be deliberately designed to start a shooting war with the American people, so at that point TSA agents can be unleashed to Kill and rape anyone they want under the banner of "protecting the homeland." The name Homeland Security" is intentionally borrowed straight out of Nazi Germany and its term "Heimatland."
i totally agree ... (and in this county every household is supposed to have a firearm ... by law) ... but i have never found blowing notes in this yard before ... never seen any garbage blowing in the wind at all ...

recently a number of strange events have occurred at neighboring ranches ... an unknown vehicle drove through an inch thick cable which had been strung up for the cows to rub against ... a pipe, 12 feet off the ground, was broken ... a float was twisted off of a water tank ... losing the whole tank of water ... and now there is a low flying aircraft that i am hearing ... it just flew overhead 30 minutes ago ...

i wonder if they are dropping notes? hahahah