Monday, January 7, 2013

New Century Economy Summit (20 recommendations)

jon barela and susana martinez are pushing public-private partnerships under the new century economy agenda. that is fascism.

"Therefore be it resolved that the endorsers of this resolution support the following legislative agenda that was developed though input from local business, community and economic development leaders with recommendation developed out of the New Century Economy Summit to improve New Mexico’s competitiveness and opportunities for investment."

New Century Economy Summit (20 recommendations)

New Century Economy Summit Report
October 2, 2012
CNM Workforce Training Center, Albuquerque, NM

REC 1 (ppp): Integrate workforce development,economic development, and education systems
REC 2 (ppp): Prioritize workforce needs for teacher training
REC 3 (ppp): Involve business in developing “soft” skills program
(1 Soft skills include professionalism or work ethic, oral and written communication, teamwork and collaboration, critical thinking or problem-solving skills.)
Strategy : Require that these “soft” skills are taught and used in the schools.
REC 4 (ppp): Reform tax policies
REC 5 (slush fund): Establish a state capital outlay plan
Strategy: Establish a closing fund to capture job creation projects where New Mexico is competing against other states.
(2 Funding the state can provide as a way to help close a deal and bring a company to New Mexico. This could be in the form of a Local Economic Development Act grant that goes toward infrastructure development.)
REC 6 (slush fund): Establish consistent funding for technology commercialization
Strategy : Create additional funding sources to bridge the gap between grant and early stage funding to support technology demonstrations, expand proof of concepts for commercial applications, and market research.
REC 7 (ppp): Enhance policies and incentives for national laboratories
REC 8 (ppp): Create a business culture of innovation and growth
REC 9 (ppp): Review legislation, tax provisions, and regulations
REC 10 (ppp): Develop aerospace supply chain
REC 11 (ppp): Support industry associations
REC 12 (ppp): Establish a Bioscience Center
REC 13 (slush fund): Create seed funding
REC 14 (ppp): Encourage 21st Century medicine
Strategy : Realign the anti-donation clause to allow for broader investment in New Mexico start-up companies.
REC 15 (ppp): Implement a statewide connectivity plan
REC 16 (ppp): Create technology transfer position
REC 17 (ppp): Conduct digital media pilot programs for students
Strategy : Put a digital media device in the hands of every student in the pilot programs and minimize costs by leveraging sponsorship with major companies and replacing textbook purchases.
REC 18 (ppp): Establish a collaborative culture
Strategy : Promote “Put New Mexico First” opportunities in organizations that are state-supported, as well as in laws and policies.
REC 19 (ppp): Provide access to essential information
Strategy :
1.Request organizations to identify relevant data that are currently being maintained.
2. Create a portal/online directory that is updated regularly to assist in locating and
accessing data.
3. Collaborate with local stakeholders on an ongoing basis to identify gaps in data.
REC 20 (ppp): Streamline permitting policies and procedures

Pete Domenici
March 19, 2011

"It's like losing a war to Hitler. And they say in advance: what would it be if you lost a war to Hitler? Well I don't know. We didn't.  We never lost one. But you want to try? To most of them they say: No. But looks like they want to try on this one." (Pete Domenici)