Thursday, January 31, 2013

PNM REC prices fall (as forecast)

then (March 12, 2009)

Small PV NMPRC 570
"PNM’s REC purchase program pays 13 cents/REC - but includes 3:1 REC multiplier approved by
PRC for RPS compliance purposes. 13 cents/REC happens to be 3 times the average national
price for RECs." - erikhawkes

"PNM now anticipated to pay 2/3 less than before (only the average national price; about
4.3 cents/REC)." - erikhawkes

Small PV NMPRC 570
now (January 31, 2013)

PNM REC prices
REC price tables will be updated weekly. Tables last updated on: 01/29/2013

Small Solar -Systems up to 10 kWAC
REC price per kWh 4¢

Systems larger than 10 kWAC up to 100 kWAC
REC price per kWh 5¢
then (March 10, 2009)

Large PV NMPRC 570
"[2] Current retail rate is about 4.3 cents/REC. Assume you could sell your RECs for about
2 cents/REC." - erikhawkes

Large PV NMPRC 570
now (January 31, 2013)

PNM REC prices
REC price tables will be updated weekly. Tables last updated on: 01/29/2013

Systems larger than 100 kWAC up to 1 MWAC
REC price per kWh 2¢

Those price forecasts were perfect by erikhawkes.

PV Grid-Tie Systems Worldwide Pt 5/6

Solar Fiesta Sunday September 21, 2008
Sun 12:15pm - 1:15 pm Birch Room
Speaker: Mike LaVine and Erik Hawkes of All Star Electric Company
Videographer: Janet Bridgers

PNM Response (September 2008)

[PNM person] I had a few free moments this morning and reviewed your analysis.  Nothing in your analysis reflects reality.  Almost everything in it is wrong.  When we met at the Flying Star I told you how Rule 570 and 571 worked.  I explained how net metering works under both Rules.  I explained our REC purchase program.  I told you that your analysis at that time was wrong.  Your latest analysis demonstrates that you did not hear a thing I said.  My only conclusion is that you must think I am lying to you.  I really want to help you understand all this but you seem unwilling to absorb or believe anything I say.  Please don't send me papers and analyses based on your interpretations, as they are wrong.  If you want to prepare an analysis based on what I told you a week ago I will be glad to look at that.

Here is a summary of what I told you last week.  These are the facts:

The net metering benefit to a residential customer who displaces their load with PV generated power is approximately 9 cents per kWh.

In addition, we pay 13 cents per REC for all kWhs generated by the PV system.

Add the two together and you get about 22 cents per kWh of total benefit.

Excess kWh generated and not consumed by load are credited and rolled over to be applied to the next billing month.

The crediting and rollover continues until the customer closes their account.

At that time, if there are excess kWhs, we buy them at our Rate 12 avoided cost, whatever that price is in the month that the account is closed.

For the economics to be optimized, a PV system should be sized no larger than the customers load.

That is it in a nutshell.  No more complicated than that.  Any attempt on your part to portray the above facts any other way is wrong.
everything is a lie.

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