Monday, January 28, 2013

banned and deleted (updated)

these posts will get you banned and deleted
(added feb 24, 2013)
the guardian uk

(updated) prediction: Pope Benedict XVI will die soon
kob 4 (nbc affiliate station) facebook

paid by the public (so help the public)
nmif (new mexico in focus; pbs program) facebook

growing a story (PR)
krqe 13 and kasa 2 (cbs and fox affiliate stations) facebook

you versus fascism
the bioscience center (nm small business development center) facebook

bioscience center (and 33 other SBDCs)
rio rancho observer
no posts accepted

7 demands revealed (New Century Jobs Agenda)
the media loves facebook because they can delete an individual's entire posting history so quickly and easily ... it's like the person never even existed.

no reason given ... they just don't like what you are saying.