Sunday, January 20, 2013

jerky for a phone card

i use a "throw and go" phone from walmart ... i buy the $30 one month card, pay cash ... my service ends tomorrow and i don't have time to drive for two hours to get another card ... or want to spend the $13 of gas ...

i tried purchasing a one month card from the service provider over the phone ... but they wanted to open an account with me ... asked me for my father's middle name ... said it was for security purposes ... i told them i didn't want them to know my father's middle name or to record that kind of information on me ... i hung up ...

so i emailed [my brother] ... i offered to send him jerky within a week or so if he'd pick me up a card today from his local walmart ... just down the road from him ... in a city ... he could call or email me the pin ... i will mail him the jerky.

i bet he does. [he did].

prepaid phone cards ... the next illegal trade? ... or soon a thing of the past?