Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Doritos Hempfest Image

e: ... brilliant marketing ... give that person a raise ...

... this year's PSA is next years marketing campaign ... expect to see 20 other "munchies" products next year, all featuring a marijuana warning label ... you can almost see Chester cheetah with dreadlocks now ... the next mardi gras? ... Seattle Hempfest 2014.

The message says:

HEMPFESTERS! We thought you might be hungry. We also thought now might be a good time for a refresher on the do's and don'ts of  l-502.

Don'ts. Don't drive while high. Don't give, sell, or shotgun weed to people under 21. Don't use pot in public. You could be cited but we'd rather give you a warning.

Do's. Do listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a reasonable volume. Do enjoy Hempfest.

Remember: respect your fellow voters and familiarize yourself with the rules of l-502 at seattle.gov/police/marijuana
[local story]
Munchies from marijuana festival fetch $50 online
aug 19, 2013

An unopened Doritos bag from Hempfest had drawn eight bids by Monday afternoon, pushing the price to $58. One bag listed as "used" was fetching $50.

... Seattle police distributed them [Doritos bag] for free along with stickers designed to inform pot consumers about the state’s legal pot law.