Monday, August 19, 2013

Mayor Berry's new police recruitment plan (a sham)

e: ... the media always supports the system ... never the individual ... (even for the cops).

... in the story below, Albuquerque mayoral candidate Paul Heh is absolutely correct ... proving the plan and the story are both a sham ...


Something false or empty that is purported to be genuine; a spurious imitation. 2. The quality of deceitfulness; empty pretense.
[local story]
Mayoral candidates respond to Mayor Berry's new police recruitment plan
aug 18, 2013

Two months before the city’s mayoral election, Mayor Richard Berry is unveiling a new plan to recruit new police officers.

The plan includes pay raises and special bonuses.

... mayoral candidate Paul Heh said, “what are you going to take away from them after you give them a 62 cents an hour raise?" [question]

Part of Richard Berry’s recruitment and retention plan requires the state legislature to make some changes in the state’s retirement laws. [answer]
e: ...

... a new plan to recruit new police officers [false]
... a deal to change the state’s retirement laws [true]

[short-term pay increase in exchange for long-term retirement worse deal]

... the truth is the opposite of everything they tell you.
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