Thursday, August 15, 2013

my 41st birthday (recount)

e: ... today is my 41st birthday; and i am in the best shape of my life ... i quit tobacco 5 years ago ... i weigh 147 lbs today ... and i just put on a brand new pair of 34x34 jeans that fit perfectly.

hell yeah.

... during the past year, i got hooked on bob dylan (and now hunter s. thompson), helped dress an elk, visited my grandparents (and family), published greenhorn for one year, was proven correct on pnm rec price forecast from 2008 (5 years ago), awoke to the pervasiveness of rock and roll metaphors ... pope benedict xvi quit (and i forecast his near-term death) ... equities made new all time highs (and are still forecast to fall to zero) ... it was revealed that the NSA spies on all americans ... and norman (the dogie) was rescued.

awesome year.

Health Age and Life Expectancy Calculator

Actual age 41
Life Expectancy 96
Health age 20
e: ... 20 is how i feel.
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