Saturday, August 17, 2013

pt2 is Ruidoso village water safe to drink?

e: ... is the Ruidoso village water supply safe to drink?

... the two stories below are one month apart ... written by the same author ...
[local story]
Ruidoso couple collects rain water for drinking
aug 16, 2013

When they [the McNeils] started having some health problems, they decided to take control of the water they drink.

The McNeils catch the rain on their roof ...

There is a filter system under the house.

The McNeils tell KOB Eyewitness News 4 they first started noticing health problems after the Little Bear Fire.  They were concerned about water contamination.
[local story]
Boil water advisory lifted in Ruidoso amidst concerns
jul 15, 2013

After ten days, the Boil Water Advisory in Ruidoso has been lifted.  But many people are still concerned after the village was accused about lying about the purity of the water. [true: village was lying] State officials said someone put a filter in the system. [true: filter used] 

Investigators said that filter gave inaccurate readings about how pure the water really was. [true: gave better results] The state said that filter was used for two weeks.

According to investigation documents, the village told the state that the filter was used as an experiment.  They were hoping the filter might help them meet their water purification requirements. [true: village met their water purification requirements for two weeks][what about now?]
e: ...  ... do the McNeil's think the village water is safe to drink? [no; they are concerned about water contamination] ... but the author never asks them ... and the author will not connect the dots ... the media is there to hide the truth ... to maximize the minimum and minimize the maximum ... to console you.

... also, watch for the State to begin billing for rainwater collection ... the Carlsbad Irrigation District is now charging 7 cents per gallon for non-potable water (for oil and gas exploration) ... and Albuquerque is about to count rainfall as a watering day (with associated fines) ...

... at 7 cents per gallon, 19,000 gallons of rainwater would equal $1330 ... (and rainwater is the good stuff) ... when they tried that in Argentina, that's when the real trouble began.

... i know an old-timer farmer who says 1 inch of rainwater is better than 10 inches of well/irrigation water for the crops ... it is that good.
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