Thursday, August 22, 2013

pt2 Han case (26 initial suspects)

e: ... who were the 26 city employees that visited the crime scene? ... check all their credit card records to see who was celebrating that night ... check their phone gps records to see who was at the crime scene on a prior occasion  ... run a license plate search on all the suspects for irregular travel behavior ... that's the future they're selling to the civilians ... use it on them ... see how they like it.
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Candidate Dinelli blames Berry for mishandling of Han case
aug 21, 2013

26 city employees responded to the call [to the crime scene], including high ranking police and civilian officials.
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APD speaks out about AG's claims
augu 16, 2013

She was found dead at home in her car, which was turned off but had been running (?!). Her death was quickly ruled a suicide ...
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suicide impossible (dead civil rights attorney)
aug 18, 2013

e: ... suicide impossible ... dead people don't turn cars off.
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