Tuesday, August 20, 2013

pt3 Ruidoso water (very likely not safe to drink)

e: ... Ruidoso village water is very likely not safe to drink ...

... I have read nearly every online news article about new mexico by new mexico news websites for the past year and this is the FIRST story that I enjoyed and found informative ... follow the link and read about rain harvesting.
[local story]
Ruidoso couple runs house with rainwater
aug 13, 2013

... while the village of Ruidoso's water was deemed "safe" to drink [technically; but not true], that some of the chemicals used to arrive at that point might be contributing to their symptoms. [water is very likely not safe to drink]

"I don't know if you would call us green," Tom said during an interview last week, "I guess the process has kind of turned us that way. That was not our intent." [we simply wanted safe water to drink]

"What got me interested in the water situation was that after the Little Bear Fire (in June 2012), we had a major health problem here at the house. We discovered that the only thing that had changed in our lifestyle was the quality of the water," he said. "We researched extensively using both of our science backgrounds and determined that we strongly believe that the extensive treatment of the water by the city caused a chemical reaction, which caused the problem." [water is very likely not safe to drink]

"We did not have blood or water samples from the time the medical problem occurred to prove or disprove the assertion," Tom said. "The city requested we withdraw our application and we did, because they weren't comfortable making the decision. Don't get me wrong, I have the ultimate respect for the members of the village council and gratitude that they are willing to give their personal time to do what has to be done, and they are facing a major problem with the water." [water is very likely not safe to drink]

e: ... Ruidoso water is very likely not safe to drink ... that is the reason for the secrecy ...

... the truth is the opposite of everything they tell you.
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