Friday, August 2, 2013

pt5 animal control (police welfare check)

e: ... police welfare check means animal control is actively enforcing ordinances ... police welfare check could mean anything they want it to mean ... no due process ... your police welfare check will come shortly ...
[local story]
City animal shelter dealing with overcrowding
aug 1, 2013

Animal Control says they have nearly 200 more dogs at shelters than they can handle, and part of the reason is because owners keep breaking the rules. [more police welfare checks to come; more animals will be seized]

Police were doing a welfare check ... [police visit you]

The homeowner was arrested on several charges, including not having a license for that many animals. Without that license, you can have six pets, four of them dogs, in the city of Albuquerque. [police arrest you]

These dogs will also need help from trainers to be socialized. [police bill you]
e: ... they [media] don't tell you which license allows you more freedom ... because the purpose is to tell you the LIMIT ... not how to get around it ... call them and ask ... i bet you have a police welfare check soon after ...

... the truth is the opposite of everything they tell you ... here come the police ... surprise police inspections for everyone ... the police state is here ... and the media is in on it.
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