Sunday, August 25, 2013

pt5 license plate readers (can find anyone)

e: ... the [license plate reader] software can find you [anyone] just driving down the road ... in another state ... as forecast ... another conspiracy theory now FACT ... and officers can stop you to check your well-being. [for any reason]
[local story]
Who's watching you now?
aug 25, 2013

“Over time, this data [from license plate readers] can establish patterns of travel, reveal what church you go to, what political meetings you attend, relationship infidelities, and other information most people would rather the government not know,” ACLU-NM spokesman Micah McCoy said in an email.

“This is why it is so important that law enforcement not store license plate reader data gathered on innocent people in long-term databases.” [ACLU-NM spokesman Micah McCoy]

The technology has also been credited with the recovery of 19 missing persons.
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pt2 conspiracy theorist (traffic cams)
mar 12, 2013

e: ... the software can find you just driving down the road ... in another state ...
[local michigan news story]
Missing Holland woman spotted in New Mexico, missing man's family confounded
mar 11, 2013

VanDyke's Hyundai Accent was spotted by an unmanned traffic camera near Alamogordo, N.M. Because VanDyke's information is in the National Crime Information Center's database, the El Paso Intelligence Center alerted Holland Department of Public Safety investigators.

There is no criminal complaint against VanDyke, police said, but officers in and around New Mexico can stop her car to check her well-being, Dykstra said.