Sunday, August 4, 2013

new mexico "Breaking Bad" blue bath salts

e: ... the local media loves the show "Breaking Bad" and everything associated with it ... not too long ago the media was covering a new donut shop that sells donuts with blue "meth" look-a-like candy on top ... they had nothing but positive praise  ...

... yesterday i learned that the new cool bad thing to do in high school is to snort (granulated sugar) pixie sticks off your desk ... and to smoke (hard sugar) smarties ... imitating powder cocaine and crack cocaine use ...

... i predict that the next "drug" epidemic will be high school kids snorting and smoking blue bath salts ... and i will blame the media, the cops, and local businesses for starting the trend.
[cnn] [added aug 9, 2013]
8 ways to get your 'Breaking Bad' fix in Albuquerque
aug 9, 2013

Satisfy your sweet tooth: The Candy Lady

... a $1 baggie of Breaking Bad Candy ... prop meth ...

Be a rebel: Rebel Donut

... doughnut ... topped with blue rock candy.
[la times]
'Breaking Bad' has been good to Albuquerque, New Mexico
aug 7, 2013 [added aug 8, 2013]

'Crystal meth' candy, anyone?,0,1800273.story
[greenhorn post]
selling bad via breaking bad
jun 25, 2013

e: ... i can think of nothing more offensive to "offering classes on making bath salts that resemble the blue meth," than perhaps laying out some rails of powdered sugar for the kiddies too ...

... and the local media loves it ...
[local story]
New Mexico spa giving 'Breaking Bad' cooking classes
jun 25, 2013

 A New Mexico spa is offering classes on making bath salts that resemble the blue meth made famous by the AMC TV show "Breaking Bad."
[ap story]
‘Breaking Bad’ brings tourists to Albuquerque for ‘meth’ treats like blue rock candy, bath salts
mar 15, 2013

The New Mexico city has seen a boost in tourism thanks to AMC's drug-trafficking drama, 'Breaking Bad.' Shops are hawking blue candy and bath salts designed to resemble crystal meth, and a burrito chain seen in the show has become an international tourist attraction.

A beauty store has a similar product — crystal blue bathing salts.
Debbie Ball, owner of The Candy Lady store, shows off her new line of 'meth candy,' made from sugar rock candy.
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