Friday, August 23, 2013

pt4 snitch nation (child support enforcement division)

e: ... is there a snitch number for the child support enforcement division? ... you know there is ...
[local story]
NM police round up parents for failing to pay child support
aug 23, 2013

Local law enforcement officers hit the streets Friday morning to serve hundreds of warrants for parents who failed to pay child support.

Police were looking for more than 400 people across the state ... child support enforcement division
e: ... what was the least owed?

... soon you'll drive up to a random checkpoint ... receive a cheek swab ... and be told that you have a child in another state, you never knew about, and that you owe 15 years of back child support ... due today ...

... or somebody you know could just call the child support enforcement division ... anonymously of course ... and get a $50 kickback ...
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