Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Green States Energy (independent power producer)

e: ... i am not yet sure what to make of Green States Energy or the project mentioned in the article below ... i do not know if it is a public-private partnership ... however ... i am curious about it because of the noticeable lack of news coverage in new mexico ...
"Green States Energy, Inc. is an independent power producer (“IPP”)" ...

"As an IPP, our projects are characterized by a combination of hard assets coupled with long-term contracts for the sale of product (primarily electricity and other attributes [RECs])."

[Press Release]
Green States Energy, Inc. Acquires 5.4MW New Mexico Solar PV Portfolio

NEW JERSEY, February, 12th, 2013 – Green States Energy, Inc. (BH: GSE), a clean energy independent power producer, announced it has acquired a solar PV project portfolio in New Mexico. The projects, which are located in and around Roswell, New Mexico, have a combined capacity of 5.4MW.

Acquisition financing comprised a combination of equity capital, debt and federal section 1603 cash grant proceeds. The first 2.9MW phase of the portfolio was constructed by Hunt Electric Corporation; the remaining 2.5MW will be constructed by S&C Electric Company.

Green States Energy CEO Stephen Clevett said, “This a major step forward for our company and its shareholders. We are pleased to be working once again with Hunt Electric Company as well as Sunrise Energy Ventures, from whom we purchased the plants. These projects will, upon completion of phase 2, add over $27 million to our asset base and will increase our annual, contracted revenues to approximately $5 million. Roswell is a spectacular setting for solar power plants given the near constant, consistent sunshine. We look forward to being part of this fine community for years to come.”

[local south carolina story]
Solectria Renewables Chosen to Power 2.5MW PV System in Roswell, New Mexico
apr 2, 2013

Solectria Renewables, LLC, the leading U.S. PV inverter manufacturer, announced today that it has been chosen by Green States Energy, an independent power producer (IPP), to power a 2.5MW ground-mount PV system in Roswell, New Mexico.

"This installation will be one of the largest in New Mexico and provide power to the surrounding communities. As part of a retail program, power from our projects are used right in the local community we are proud to be a part of," said Stephen Clevett, CEO of Green States Energy.

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