Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ppp fascism (first approve, then disclose)

e: ... another public-private partnership [fascism] is approved ... and not once do they say the phrase "public-private partnership" ... they still have to tell the public about it ... they'll get back to you ... maybe ...
[local story]
Mesilla approves public participation plan for water system improvements
apr 22, 2013

A public participation plan aimed at providing information to the public about efforts to loop Mesilla's water system were unanimously approved Monday [apr 22, 2013] by the town's board of trustees.

Because town finances have been tight, due largely to a global economic recession, Mesilla has had a difficult time finding other funding sources to help pay for the project. [they will FORCE citizen to pay]

A minimum of two public meetings will have to [BE] scheduled and conducted. Mesilla officials will also be required to certify the meetings were conducted and who attended them. [meetings have not occurred]

[greenhorn post]
New Century Jobs Agenda (demand 2 of 7)
(make it legal and profitable)
feb 18, 2013

e: ... demand number 2 of 7 is for the state legislature to make ppps legal and profitable ... until the new rules are in place ... you gotta be quiet about it.

[ap story]
Rio Rancho to apply for loan for water rights
feb 18, 2013

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - The City Council in Rio Rancho has given approval for the city to apply for a loan so it can snap up 400-acre-feet of water rights being offered by a source that officials have declined to name until the deal is finalized. [did this deal happen?]

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