Thursday, April 18, 2013

skandera pt13 (still waiting)

e: ... still waiting for the announcement ... nothing happened at the meeting yesterday  ... the term "designate" is missing from skandera's title in the article below ...
[local story]
Educators voice concerns at forum
apr 17, 2013

With the onset of a new teacher and principal evaluation system, local educators jumped at the opportunity to voice their concerns to the state’s Secretary [designate] of Education Hanna Skandera at an educator forum Wednesday at Portales High School.
e: (answers)

1. how will it be announced that "the decisions of the secretary [designate] are final"? ...
[District Court Judge Frank Mathew] [AG opinion expected]

2. that the New Mexico Connections Charter Academy (ppp) is in? ... [veto HB 460], [veto HB 392]

3. and that Hanna Skandera (Secretary-designate) don't need no Senate (confirmation)? [9-24-5]
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