Friday, April 5, 2013

skandera pt11 (HB 392 vetoed as forecast)

e: HB 392 vetoed as forecast.
[local story]
NM governor vetoes 3rd bill to keep education chief's powers intact
apr 5, 2013

Martinez vetoed a bill [HB 392] by Rep. Mary Helen Garcia to make the state Public Education Commission an autonomous operation, rather than an elected group that is subservient to Skandera.

With the governor's veto, Skandera maintains her authority to overturn the commission's decisions on charter school applications. [answer 1]
e: (answers)

1. how will it be announced that "the decisions of the secretary [designate] are final"? ...
[District Court Judge Frank Mathew] [AG opinion expected]

2. that the New Mexico Connections Charter Academy (ppp) is in? ... [veto HB 460], [veto HB 392]

3. and that Hanna Skandera (Secretary-designate) don't need no Senate (confirmation)? [9-24-5]

... now we just need the Attorney General to affirm District Court Judge Frank Mathew's order and the deed will be done.

... what a charade ... they are all in on it ... everyone but the public.

hello fascism.
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