Tuesday, April 9, 2013

police ppp (connect)

e: ... local law enforcement has been federalized ... and local businesses and persons have been [are being] recruited for additional eyes and ears ...

... snitch nation.
[APD website]
Albuquerque Police Department
apr 8, 2013


With CONNECT, members become additional eyes and ears for crime prevention, helping to minimize crime.

Business Sectors: retail, financial, hospitality, construction/contracting, pawn/recycling, commercial property owners and managers, apartments/multi-family housing, lender exchange, regional law enforcement

Geographical Areas: Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, Foothills Business Alliance, North I-25 Corridor, Downtown

Information regarding public safety issues that impact these partnership areas is exchanged via secure partnership based websites.

[local story]
N.M. Police, Retailers Partner to Share Information
apr 8, 2013

"Albuquerque police work closely with retailers through the Albuquerque Retail Assets Protection Association, a public-private partnership" ...

"As opposed to filing just an ordinary police report that may take three-four days to go through the system, they know and are comfortable enough to call us and know we'll immediately respond to it," said Sgt. Mizel Garcia, the sergeant in charge of the unit." [service for fee]

[erikhawkes post]
Jan 15, 2011

“Public-Private Partnerships – when private industry provides public services for profit. The original taxes for the services remain in place, but a duplicative “service for FEE” structure is added. It is FASCISM, and it should NOT be considered as a solution to the State’s budget woes. It promotes monopolies and destroys small business. If the stakeholder is not a shareholder, he has no voice.”

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