Tuesday, April 23, 2013

nm construction industry (ppp confession)

e: ... except for one late session editorial by Tim Keller, the media successfully kept secret public-private partnerships during the entire 2013 new mexico legislative session ... american fascism is here.
[local story]
AGC director ready to rebuild New Mexico’s construction industry
apr 22, 2013

Associated General Contractor Director of Public Policy and Government Relations Mike Puelle is scheduled to discuss ...

... overview of what the industry’s priorities were this past [2013 new mexico] legislative session and what the results were.

“Main topics will be the opening of our push for more public-private partnerships in New Mexico as a critical economic development tool,” Puelle said. “Those partnerships are being rapidly adopted elsewhere.”

[local editorial by state senator]
Let’s take big, bold steps for our state
Mar 7, 2013

[Sen. Tim Keller] With little precious legislative time remaining, this choice comes into sharp contrast as legislators grapple with two agendas.

One agenda is very familiar ...
The other [agenda] ... establishing public private partnerships ... [Keller supports ppps]

[greenhorn post]
New Mexico State of State 2013 address (ppp)
jan 16, 2013

e: ... no mention of ppps again this year in the state of the state address ... even though the new century jobs agenda is nothing but demands for public-private partnerships.

[greenhorn post]
7 demands revealed (New Century Jobs Agenda)
jan 11, 2013

e: ... the agenda is based on 20 recommendations ... by reorganizing the 20 recommendations, seven demands are revealed ...

[greenhorn post]
media is in on it
jan 7, 2013

e: ... media is in on it. 

jon barela and susana martinez are pushing public-private partnerships under the new century economy agenda. that is fascism. 

media is in on it

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