Friday, April 12, 2013

Homeland Security Investigations (interagency unit)

e: ... more federalizing of local law enforcement ... fascism is here ... the police state is here ... public-private partnerships are here ... it was never this way before ... this is all new ...
[ap story]
HSI Honors Albuquerque Detectives In Task Force
apr 12, 2013

Homeland Security Investigations has honored seven Albuquerque detective and undercover agents for their role in a new task force aimed at finding missing and abducted children.

The interagency unit seeks to work with local law enforcement departments to investigate state and federal crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children.
e: ... at least 12 years in the making ... the change is too great without an event ... there has to be an event ... [another one] ... even just a us dollar collapse ...
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