Saturday, April 20, 2013

lockdown = martial law

e: ... lockdown = martial law
[local story]
Local authorities take lessons from Boston
apr 19, 2013

The city of Albuquerque has never gone on lockdown [martial law]. But if they were faced with a similar situation like what’s going on in Boston - a lockdown would be necessary. [martial law]

“If you thought that there was someone walking around with explosives, suicide type bomber or something where somebody is just maybe out committing random acts where we’re not sure where their whereabouts are,” [somebody, something, somewhere, bad] added Tyler [Jessica Tyler with Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office].

“We’re in a bowl type situation [Albuquerque] where we can lockdown the major interstates coming in and out of the city, in conjunction with the smaller highways that also filter in and out of the city,” said Tyler.
e: ... with comments like those in the article above, one must always question whether events like this aren't actually training exercises for the public ...

... whether it's a mystery gunman ... mystery bomber ... mystery terrorist ... mystery gun bill ... mystery joint agency task force ... mystery presidential declaration ... without events like this, how else could state law enforcement make those comments ... write those plans ... grab that power ...

... remember, local law enforcement has been federalized ... it goes from patrolman all the way up to spy agency and military ... through a secure website ... or a phone call ... and according to Jessica Tyler with BCSO all they need is [somebody, something, somewhere, bad] and then it is LOCKDOWN ... you ain't goin nowhere ... and everything stops.

... people will run out of tobacco before they run out of food ... 20% people use tobacco.
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