Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Century Jobs Agenda (MainStreet program)

e: ... demand number 3 of 7 from the New Century Jobs Agenda is for the state legislature to provide more slush fund money ... to pay for the state's side of the public-private partnerships ... the MainStreet program is one such program  ...
[local story]
Martinez approves MainStreet program
apr 11, 2013

Governor Martinez on Wednesday [apr 10] approved $1 million in funding for the New Mexico MainStreet Program. [ppp]

The funding came from three separate bills.
[local story]
Gov. OKs $1M in MainStreet funds
apr 10, 2013

The money will help create a Frontier Communities program, support MainStreet communities and the Arts and Cultural Districts and continue revitalization, redevelopment, preservation and marketing of historical and cultural locations, the state said in a news release. [endangered cultural property?]
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New Mexico State of State 2013 address (ppp)
jan 16, 2103

e:  ... no mention of ppps again this year in the state of the state address ... even though the new century jobs agenda is nothing but demands for public-private partnerships. [fascism]
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